Mastering the Art of the Damn Duvet Cover

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March 5, 2013 by kholzhauer

I have a duvet (and therefore a Duvet cover) on my bed. It, like the sheets, the pillowcases, and the walls in my room, is white.  90 percent of the time, my patient boyfriend puts the duvet cover back on the bed after washing it (even though we don’t live together) because at 27 years old, I have not mastered the art of getting the damn cover on the damn duvet.

So why not just ditch the duvet and get a comforter? For one, I already have the duvet. That’d be a waste. Second, I like being able to clean the cover in a regular machine. I’d have to lug the comforter to a laundromat every time I wanted to wash it instead of doing it in my comfy little apartment.

And believe me, I need to wash my duvet cover, even though I also use a top sheet. Why? Sometimes I spill things in bed. Sometimes my hair dye stains a little. Sometimes I fall asleep with my makeup on. But most of the time, It’s because I over heat in my sleep. I sweat like a motherfucker.

But no, I’m not giving up the duvet. I like it. It’s cozy. I like falling asleep curled up under it. But this year, sometime, I promise I will master the art of duvet cover wrangling. I’ll be 28 in 3 days. That’s way too old to not have a clue.


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