Dressing for work in summertime


April 7, 2013 by kholzhauer

Yes, it’s barely April, but I live and work in LA, and it gets hot here. So it’s time to start thinking about how to navigate a professional wardrobe in the summer. Why is this even an issue? Well, because last summer I worked a job where I could seriously wear my yoga pants and a t shirt if I got the job done. Now I work at a nice job with a real office where I need to wear the grown up clothes, at least Monday thru Friday. And rumor has it, the air conditioning likes to go out in the summer. Hence, summer work wardrobe necessary.

So what am I going to do? Well, I made an attempt at shopping and discovered that by this time of year, dresses and skirts are so short that they’d be better suited to Vegas than work. Yes, even stuff at Banana Republic, JCrew, etc. It helps that I’m tall. If I can make a work skirt look vaguely hoochie, it’s time for a new approach.

… side note. do people even say hoochie anymore?…

Anyway, here’s where I’m at. I want a mixture of lighter weight pants and skirts, along with shirts that aren’t full on button down long sleeved shirts. And by skirts, I don’t mean pencil skirts. It gets HOT in LA, and having my thighs in close proximity the whole day will start a fire.

I spent a lot of hours shopping, and I visited a lot of stores. I didn’t get very much, but I had some success finding some items that’ll hopefully mix and match with shit I already have. I mean, that’s the goal, isn’t it.


This skirt is from Fossil. On me, it’s about 2 inches above the knee. Something about not looking like a stick thin model, being tall, and actually having some ass. Now, Fossil ain’t cheap, but the skirt managed to be under 100 bucks, made of 100 percent silk, and looked 100 percent awesome. It seems pretty darn well made, so I have a feeling that unless I spill red wine on the white parts, it could become quite the investment piece in years to come. It’s cute enough for dinner with the boyfriend, long enough for work, and looks good with a blazer if I ever find one I like that doesn’t cost 300 bucks.

ImageI also got this skirt, at Banana Republic. Yes, it’s a little shorter than I could wear to the average job, but it’ll work for mine, especially with flats. I love the loud color, and it’s a thick enough material that it’ll transition well into the poor excuse for winter that we have in LA, especially if I slap some tights with it. Looks nice with shirts tucked in, looks pretty with button down shirts, and is just long enough to be work friendly, which really, is all I want. Plus, crazy comfy and loose enough that I don’t get massive thigh-fire from the legs rubbing together all day.


I also grabbed a couple of these shirts in a couple of colors. There was a big sale at Banana Republic that day, so that, plus a gift card made it all pretty affordable (I spent 40 bucks of real money). They’re soft, they’re high necked, which minimizes the boobage/cleavage, and they’re pretty. Plus, they fit really nicely and make it look like I have a waist. Yeah, a little casual, but will look nice with a skirt or good pants, especially if everything else is a little more casual.

ImageI also came across this shirt in Banana Republic land. It fit really well, and made me feel pretty. . . oh so pretty. . . and witty, and yeah. This and the shirt above were the only shirts at BR that didn’t appear to hate women’s bodies. I managed to look appropriately female, not at all pregnant, and not at all skanky in these shirts, which, when you’ve got boobs, is an accomplishment. Their button down shirts, on the other hand, make me look about 7 months in.  I swear, I won’t spill on the pretty white lace shirt. I swear. Because that’ll be a terrible and sad thing.

ImageSo along with these, a few button downs that actually simultaneously fit my boobs and waist (Express is great for that) some target basics, the long sundresses in my closet, and the one good blazer I have, I’m almost set for summer. I’d love a pair of longer shorts (trouser style) and one  more good blazer, in a color other than black, like the green one on the left (but not that exact one. Tried it. Looked like a linebacker.) I could stand to either lose 10 pounds or buy a new pair of lightweight trousers. Mine are awesome, but I’ve admittedly got a little more thigh/ass than they’re willing to accommodation at this exact moment.

Does anyone out there a. read this blog and b. have any awesome tips for summer work clothes? Or know anywhere to get good work clothes during the summer? Because all the stores in the mall seem to have missed the memo that 90 percent of adults actually go to work over the summer, not to the beach. Here’s where I’ve looked.

  • Old Navy: Cute stuff, but NOTHING fits right.
  • Gap: Love their jeans, but other than that, no luck. Either too big in the shoulders or too tight in the bust.
  • Express: Great for button downs, weird for everything else (skirts super short, shirts too casual)
  • JCrew: Not spending 90 on a button down shirt, pants hate thighs, good dresses but I’m a hair too tall so everything looks like a babydoll.
  • I know I’ve been to other stores, but I’m distracted. I’ll come back to this list.

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