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April 9, 2013 by kholzhauer

Yes, I’m one of those. I have a juicer and I use it. At least I’m not a juicer, but still, yeah, I make juice every day. Now, before the whole “omg she’s anorexic” crew comes rolling out to greet me, let me just say no. I’m not. I’m also not doing a juice fast/juice cleanse/juice only diet. I actually like food, and I enjoy the process of chewing things, especially delightful crunchy things like potato chips. So why would I give that up entirely?

My compromise is that I make a nice fresh juice first thing in the morning (probably about 20 oz of juice). I drink half of it straight away, and sip on the other half whenever I need a snack. So basically my juice replaces my breakfast, and those random snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So what good does a lame, half assed juice cleanse do me? Well for one, I’m really bad about eating breakfast. I’m never hungry in the morning. And, in the words of my sister, “breakfast makes your metabolism sparkle.” So, by drinking a little more than a cup of juice in the morning, I’m getting my sparkle on. Plus, I’m sneaking in some veggies and fruits instead of just eating a granola bar or bacon. Here’s what I drink every day.

ImageNow, I like the tropical thing (especially when there’s no banana to fuck it up) so this works particularly well for me.   I throw a bunch of kale, half a cucumber, a couple of carrots, a zucchini, a grapefruit (peel removed ahead or shit gets way bitter) a tiny little tangerine, a mango, a knob of ginger, and a bit of pineapple (maybe a quarter cup.)  I tend to use thawed frozen pineapple. It’s actually more cost effective than the fresh ones, I’ve found. Also, not pictured, is a bunch of flaxseed. I know the juicer takes away a lot of the fiber, so I need to put that and some protein back into my day.

All in all, it’s not juice-cleanse effective, but you know what? It gets breakfast in me. And when I keep it up consistently for a week or two, I definitely see results. Not massive weight loss, but a reasonable amount, plus significantly less bloat. If you see me on a flat stomach day, I’ve been juicing.  For now. I’m really kicking into diet overdrive.

I’ve got a really special event that I want to look really good for this summer, so I’m working toward that. Besides that, I want to get to a weight (or a look, more than a weight) where I feel awesome about the person I am, physically. I have good days and bad days now. I want to get more goods than bads. I’m hoping that cooking at home more, eating smarter, cutting back soda/ice cream/stupid snacks and keeping the drinking to 1 night a week. I don’t go overboard on any given night, but I got in the habit of drinking a few more nights of the week than I should have, and I’m working hard to  not do that. A night out with friends? Awesome. 4 in a week? crazytalk.


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