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April 12, 2013 by kholzhauer

A lot of girls dream about their wedding when they’re little. I haven’t been planning my wedding my whole life. In the wedding department, I’ve gotten as far as 1) get dressed. 2) show up. 3) open bar. So what have I been doing my whole life while all my peers have been daydreaming about floral arranges and dresses that cost more than a car? Dreaming about my future kitchen.
Yes, that’s right. The kitchen in my reality does not measure up to the kitchen in my head. For one, I rent. Second, two people can’t fit in there comfortably. Third, total lack of storage (especially for my stuff and my roommate’s stuff, etc.)
So for today’s exceptionally lame post, I’m giving you 10 things I want in my amazing, grown up, in my head kitchen. Because it’s been a boring week. I ate salad for lunch 4 days this week. Green juice for breakfast. Tonight I had pretzels, peanut butter, and caramel ice cream for dinner (try it. Amazing.) I also worked my butt off in pole, attempting to master an Ayesha, an ayesha to brass monkey transition, a totally inappropriate and brutal version of an outside grab(body sprial) and an equally obnoxious star(or something with a different name). I took pictures of none of those things. I also didn’t fall on my head, so nothing to talk about. Anyway, kitchens.

One: A serious stove. Now, it doesn’t need to be pretty (though there are some pretty stoves out there)

  1. Image
  2.  ut it needs to have some serious fire power and an assload of burners. I don’t need a grill or griddle or any of that, not that I’d kick either out of bed. I just want a stove/oven combination that can take a serious beating, that is gas rather than electric, and that’ll last me a lifetime. If I’m blowing 8000 bucks on something, it damn well better last me longer than the 5 hours a bride wears a wedding dress of the same price. . . just sayin. 

Two: A killer fridge. Naturally. One without the other is just a waste. What do I look for in a
Imagerefrigerator? Currently, in my apartment, I actually own the fridge (it’s a werid California thing) I bought it because it cost 100 bucks on craigslist, had the freezer on the bottom, and it ran. Plus, it came with a bottle of beer. When I’m looking for a new fridge, ideally I’d like either a side by side freezer/fridge or one with the freezer on the bottom. I also want glass  front doors, simply because I’m inherently lazy and only clean what others can see. Glass doors=clean fridge.

Three: Counter space with reasonable countertops. I don’t need top of the line marble Imagepilfered out of Italian churches and washed with the blood of virgins. I wouldn’t object to that. Honestly, I want stainless steel counters. I can put a pan down and not freak out, if they get wet, they’ll be fine. Yes, they’ll get a little scuffed, but they handle heat well, roll cold pastry well (especially if you keep a bowl of ice somewhere on the surface,) and they’re not super expensive. Plus, they clean really easily. Again, inherently lazy.

Four: A butcher block. Yes, Separate from the counter tops  Surprisingly, I like being able Imageto completely sanitize my counters. But I love working on butcher blocks and those old, vintage, many feet thick ones make me so happy. Plus, it’ll bring some warmth to what’s shaping up to be a really cold, steel kitchen.

Five: A pantry. It doesn’t need to be its own little room. Something like this would be Imageperfect. It’d just be nice to be able to store all the food-type items separate from all the dish type items. Ideally together. Its not like I go stacking the onions on the teacups, but my cabinets are haphazard out of necessity (baking pans live with flour, etc) and I’d love just enough space for a decent pantry. It’d be nice if there was somewhere to store the broom in there. I hate trying to find a crack between the fridge and wall to shove it in. Most of my food actually lives in the fridge (I eat largely fresh stuff) but it’d be great to have a place to stash other things. It may even motivate me to can more.

Six: Intelligent storage. I love the idea of having just enough room to organize things by Imagefunction. Yes, dishes go together. That appears to be the norm in most houses. But what I want goes beyond that. Coffee shit goes with coffee machine (the nice appliance pull-out drawer would be swell). Baking dishes live with mixer (again, pull out for mixer). It’s like organizing a kitchen into little kits and storing it that way. May take a little more room, but it’d work for me really well if the pie plates always lived with the rolling pins, the extra roasting pans and casserole dishes always lived with the tablecloths (I ONLY break those out for thanksgiving,) etc.

Seven: Open kitchen shelving. Not all of it. That’d make me crazy. But just enough open Imageshelving to bring some life into the room, display the cute dishes and pretty things, and distract from all the metal and coldness. I actually have pretty dishes, and while they’re chipped, they match.. . kinda. It’d be nice to show those off along with my salt and pepper shaker collection and just the pretty things In the kitchen. Maybe 20% of shelving open and the rest closed? I want to be able to hide crap when I need to. Also, is this realistic in California with the whole earthquake thing? Not sure. I’ve lived here 7 years and never had a big earthquake. Knock on wood.

Eight: A killer dishwasher. Dishes aren’t any fun. I do them, but I’d prefer to be doing less. I Imagelove the idea of a dishwasher like this, especially if I stick with juicing long term. I like to throw those parts in the machine (the parts that are dishwasher safe) and wash them before the next day. I don’t like to waste water. Being able to only run half the machine at a time seems like the ideal solution.

Nine: Pot and pan storage. Now, I may go all Julia child with pegboard (love the look.) I may Imagego with in cabinet pull out storage. I may go with a pot rack like this one. I especially like that this rack has room above to store larger pots, provided it’s mounted right.  I think the collection of weird spreaders down below is kinda stupid, but who am I to talk, I collect salt and pepper shakers. I just want really good easy to use pot and pan storage. Especially for lids. I hate digging for lids.

Ten: not the last, and definitely not the least (I haven’t even mentioned a sink) is Imagesomewhere for friends to hang out. I don’t always like having extra hands all up in my business when I’m cooking (or in general) but I sure do like having people to talk to. I also enjoy pretending that I’m on a cooking show. So I need somewhere for people to sit that’s close enough that everyone gets to be social, but out of the way enough that there don’t end up being too many cooks in the kitchen.

That’s my dream list. The realistic list (looking for a new place this summer) is dishwasher, gas stove, no roaches. One day. . .


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