In light of Boston

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April 16, 2013 by kholzhauer

I had a post all ready to go, but it was light hearted, snarky, and doesn’t seem right in the light of today’s ridiculously sad events.  It breaks my heart that something so peaceful can turn into something so ugly.

It also breaks my heart that because of the bombings, there were probably a bunch of runners who never got to hear “good job! You kicked ass. That’s incredible. I’m proud of you.” I know from experience (though I’ve never run a marathon) that at the end of a big endeavor, be it a race or something else, you NEED to hear that.

To Boston: My heart is broken for you. I hope the city heals quickly.

To the runners: You kicked ass. I’m impressed, and I’m proud of you. Good job!

That’s all for today.


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