What I eat when I’m not eating healthy.


April 19, 2013 by kholzhauer

So, I’ve made progress. Or so my scale tells me. I’m down about 5 pounds (a real 5 pounds, I weighed myself at the end of the day, after eating at Umami burger). I don’t see it yet, but it always takes me a while to notice.

ImageSo, how’s the diet going? As you can see from my mention of Umami burger, pretty damn delicious. Yes, there are days when I don’t do the calorie restricted, ultra balanced diet. Some call them cheat days, some call them days off. I call it life. Life happens. Yesterday was one of those days. Not only did they bring in bbq for lunch (and man, do I love ribs) but I went to Umami burger with some lovely people to celebrate a birthday. And you know what? I ate. because, fuck it all. Life’s too short to sit at a table, staring down food that looks like this, and eat a damn salad. It was delicious.

So, on that note, what other non “diet” food have I eaten this week? I like to think that all of my food is non diet food, and just happens to be healthy, but here’s stuff that maybe wasn’t the best decision for my hips/ass/waistline. I can promise you, my tastebuds loved it all. That’s my thing. If I’m going to blow my caloric wadImage, I may as well really enjoy doing it.


Now, I know that sushi can be relatively healthy, and I’m sure that a lot of folks out there consider all sushi to be health food. I mean there’s raw fish! and veggies. How can that possibly be bad?  Well, it doesn’t have to be, but when my craving hit this week, I went to Iroha, said screw it to the salads, the sashimis, and the really simple roll and had these guys. One, the dragon roll, is smothered in avocado and doused with eel sauce. The other, the Pink Panther is filled with tasty tempura shrimp. Do I feel guilt? shame? regret? No. Everything tasted awesome, I had a nice night out with my BF, and it was a really nice way to wrap up a hectic first week on a new job.

ImageAlso, I ate the crap out of some orange chicken. No regrets. I was taking 2 pole classes in the same neck of the woods, and I had about an hour and a half between them. Not enough time to drive home, and I was hungry. There’s a chinese place I like near by, so I got orange chicken and green beans. The protein/sugar kick was the perfect thing to get me through class on a day when my back and neck were really tweaked and I couldn’t quite hang. Other than this, I pretty much ate in, and kept it healthy all week. Not that my definition of health is the same of yours. Here’s a list of the food I eat which other people may think is killing me. Food politics are the weirdest.

Chicken, steak, milk, coffee, diet soda, regular soda, ice cream, butter, canola oil, french fries, hard liquor, beer, wine, chocolate, GMO type foods, potatos, rice, pasta, carbs, onion rings, pork, bacon, fish, shellfish, animal products, food cavemen didn’t eat, food non Mediterranean folks do eat, gluten. . .

. . .that’s a partial list. Like I said, food politics are weird. And say what you will about your preferred diet. I’m an everything in moderation type of girl. Yes, even a non grass fed steak, cooked in butter, served along side corn (which may or may not be genetically modified,) green beans (non organic, I’m not paying the extra buck,) a cocktail, and a slice of buttered bread.


2 thoughts on “What I eat when I’m not eating healthy.

  1. Kier says:

    Nice post!
    -from your casually vegan sister!

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