Me, A-Z


April 21, 2013 by kholzhauer

Yes, this is absolutely one of those dumb blog exercises. And no, don’t confuse it with that A-Z challenge. This is just me trying to shake some serious writer’s block in a creative way. And it’s a little more organized than “20 things about me” or something. Here goes.

Age: 28

Beer of choice: Tripel Karmeliet. Try it if you see it anywhere. I get it at Wurstkuche when I’m there.

Creative outlet of choice: Writing or cooking. Or cooking and writing about it.

Drink of choice: Bourbon and something. Or bourbon and nothing. Sometime gin, soda, and bitters.

Eaten last: Linguine with clam sauce.

Favorite food: Pie. Especially warm cherry pie with ice cream. Real cherry pie, not the canned filling stuff.

Greatest fear: Like I’m going to tell anyone in public. But one great fear is letting down the people I care about.

Home: A 1.5 bedroom apartment in the non-glam part of West LA. Shared with a roommate. See a post about home decor somewhere on this blog

Ice cream flavor: Cherry garcia or coffee.

Jeans: My favorites are jeans. Dark washed. Size 6-tall (if you wanna buy me some) I know Gap jeans get flack on some fashion blog, but they fit me really well.

Knock out pole trick: My reverse grab. It’s a wild spin and it kicks some butt. I’d love to get this good , but my basics don’t suck.

Last movie I watched: Finally watched Django Unchained last night. I liked it. Say waht you will about the movie, Tarantino does characters so well.

May fitness goal: Master the ayesha


and tone up enough so that my slightly too tight trousers fit comfortably.

Never ever: I’ve never had a glass of milk. I’ve had milk in things, but never sat down and drank a glass of milk.

Over it: Dietary issues becoming mainstream. If I see one more person giving up gluten/ magically becoming dairy “sensitive” etc without legitimate reason, I’m going to scream. I get it, if there’s a cause, but why give it up for the hell of it? Eat smart, stop trend hopping.

Pole move that’s evading me: ayesha (see above) and the iguana mount.

Quirk my significant other claims I have: I apparently grumble and type really loud when I’m writing about things that anger or frustrate me. He also says I snort.

Radio station: My car is set between KPCC and KCRW (the 2 public radio stations in LA.) I listen to music on spotify.

Strange food I like: Creamed tuna on rice with peas. My sister hates it. It sounds gross. I’ll post a recipe one day.

Traffic violations: I’ve been driving since 19. I’ve had 1 speeding ticket, 1 ticket for rolling a stop, and one fix it ticket.

Underappreciated body part: I’m really hard on myself about my thighs. I see the flaws. I should work on seeing the positive more.

Very bad at: eyeliner. Seriously. I can’t do my own eyeliner. So I don’t. Double coat of mascara instead.

Working on: patience with myself and others. I’m hard on myself and I’m impatient a lot of the time.

Xrays: Knee, back, wrist, dental. Maybe more as a kid

Yes: I’ll always say yes to coffee and time with really good friends.

Zero: along with having had zero glasses of milk in my life, I’ve had zero visits to disneyland.


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