May Pole Blog Hop


May 3, 2013 by kholzhauer

My favorite pole class buddy Jillian over at Pole Geek (check it out, seriously.) turned me on to this pole dance blog hop, and while my blog isn’t exclusively pole, I figured I’d participate, since I write more about pole than anything else.

the questions:

1- How long have you been pole dancing?

I’m about to have my 2 year pole-versary. I took time off to travel, time off to heal a gnarly shoulder injury, and time off to have a life, but I started a couple of years ago and really, I’ve never looked back. 

2- What’s your favorite song to pole dance to?

I’m a total song hopper but I tend to like a lot of really sultry soul singers of the “ladies who wail” variety. Lately, I’ve been enjoying dancing to “Spinning Wheel” by Shirley Bassey, “Ain’t no way” by Shirley Brown, and “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera. And in the non wailing ladies genre, “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars.

3- What’s your favorite pole dance move?

My reverse grab/body spiral. I seriously like to fly on the pole. When I’m having a lousy day, I can bust those out and feel great. Also aerial spin pole stuff. 

4- What pole move is your nemesis?

Anything I have to do directly after Veronika’s Climb drill in conditioning class. Oh, and anything requiring actual grace transitioning out of a shoulder mount. 

5- If you have to classify your dance style, what would it be?

I honestly don’t know. I’ve played with a lot of different styles. I’m crazy for big spins and spin pole, but I’m still trying to figure out a style. Wild, maybe? not stripper sexy wild but just a touch on the sane side of death defying. 

6- What inspires your movement? Why do you dance?

Strength. I see myself getting stronger and more capable with every class and that makes me want to do more. Plus, songs I listen to. When I’m not into a song, I can’t dance, so I fuck around and play with tricks. 

7- Do you study/participate in any other kinds of dancing or other kinds of training?

I swim a bunch, and I lift weights. I do the occasional triathlon. I like to go hiking. That’s about it. 

8- How often do you train, dance or attend class per week?

3-4 pole classes per week plus 3 or so days at the gym in the pool. 

9- Any tips for training?

I’m no expert, but don’t over-do it. Take days off, work different muscles or just rest. I had a few 4-5 class weeks and then my shoulders just quit. Let your muscles rest between classes. Oh, and swimming is great for shoulder strength.

10- Do you train on both sides when you pole? Why or why not?

I do train both sides, largely to give my good side a break, and because I do certain tricks better on certain sides, so I need to know the transitions. Like, I climb left, invert right, split left, prefer a left dominant supergirl, but spin right. . . except reverse spins. So knowing both helps. 

11- If you’re not a full time poler, how do you balance work and pole? Friends and pole? Life and Pole?

I drag friends with me to pole. Actually, I balance it pretty well, largely because I do have good friends who will call me on my crap and not let me get away with ignoring them for a piece of metal. I also have a full time job so I gravitate toward studios with late classes and roll my eyes when some of the younger, more funemployed students ask “why don’t you come during the day? You’d get so much better!”

12- Is pole dancing, which happens to be a hobby for most, worth the investment?

Yes. It’s the only workout I consistently keep up with and the only thing that’s kept me working out more than once a week, consistently in ages. Plus, I have really good pole friends, can see progress, and get to express myself. It’s cheaper than therapy but does as much good!

13- Why did you start a pole dance blog?

Honestly, I don’t consider this a pole dance blog. I consider it a weird little blog about my life, but I spend a lot of my life pole dancing, so it worked its way into the blog. Plus, since I do a good amount of thinking about pole and a good amount of time not talking it on facebook (I’ve got some weirdly conservative family members) I needed an outlet. 

14- What does your pole dance blog mainly focus on?


Life in general, with a slight empahsis on pole, but also moments of road rage, fashion rage, food and other stuff. Pole wise I focus on personal goals and frustrations and a bit on fashion, but that’s largely accidental. I get stuck a lot, whether it’s in my head or on the pole, and writing through pole frustration helps me clear my head, stop competing with others, and just focus on getting my shit right. That’s how I got supergirl. I ranted about it on here and let it go.

15- What’s your favorite post on your pole dance blog?

My Pole Goals post has really helped me keep track of what I’m working on. I really need to go through and update every month, but still. It’s fun to see what I was struggling with at the very beginning of this blog. 

16- What’s your favorite non-pole blog?,,,(are we sensing a theme yet?) the lede, scientist at work, frugal traveler. I read a lot of blogs

18- What is your favorite dance studio? (If you teach or own a studio, please list one other than where you teach.)

Luscious Maven is my favorite here in LA. It’s where I started and where i really feel at home. Every one of the teachers is great and I like that in the classses I take I get a work out instead of just some sensual time. 

19- If you teach, why did you start teaching, and how did it change your practice? If you don’t teach, do you think you’d ever want to teach? Why or why not?

I’m not sure I ever could teach. I have nothing but respect for teachers, and I can see where it would be fun. I like helping out friends when they’re trying to learn something I know good tricks for. But when people drive me crazy, I get really short tempered and a little too honest, which is a bad trait when teaching. But maybe, if I could hand-pick the class. 

20- Heels or No Heels? Also any good recommendations for heels?

Heels on static, no heels on spin or when learning a trick. I’ve been going shoe-free a lot lately since I’ve got long legs and tend to whack mirrors and occasionally people during certain spins. Something with a platform and an ankle strap that’s comfy to walk in and stays on your foot. 

21- What are your favorite pole clothes?



Sports bra and booty shorts, but I like to wear long pants and a tank top through the workout to get my muscles nice and warm. I don’t tend to go fancy or frilly, and I find that a lot of the pole bottoms/bikini bottoms out there don’t give me the coverage I like, so I’m picky about bottoms especially. I love this pair from target. It’s a swim coverup, but really, it’s perfect for pole.

22 – What’s your favorite pole? Size? Material? Height? Static? Spin?

45 mm chrome, spin, as tall as possible! Though I’ve been liking static lately. I go back and forth.

23- If you have ever performed, how do you usually prepare your performance?

Pretty minimally. I’ve performed once, but I know from past experience that if I focus too much on the performance I get too anxious and fuck it all up, so I make sure I know my dance, run it a few times, love the music, and leave it the hell alone so I don’t get obsessive, creepy, and angsty. 

24- What’s something you love to do or experience aside from pole dancing?

oh god, cooking for one. I used to be a chef. Travel, especially to new places. Swimming and really, anything in the water (though I have no clue how to surf). I love hosting parties as well.

25- How has pole dancing affected your life?

It’s been the one workout activity I’ve stuck to long term, plus it’s slowly helping me see my body in a positive light. Like, instead of “man I look gross today” I can feel the evidence that I’m strong, that my thighs are big but I can do better thigh grips than most people. I don’t have the best self-image yet, but pole is helping me get better. I’ve also made more lady friends. Plus, I have less skin on my hands, weird inner thigh calluses, and I can now handily beat my boyfriend at arm wrestling. 

26- Looking back at your life, are you surprised that you’re a pole dancer? Like were you a nun five years ago and now you’re a pole teacher? Or does pole dancing seem like a natural fit into the progression of your life?

Not a natural fit, but not an unnatural fit. I’ve always been a little outside the box. I’m surprised I’ve stuck with it for so long and still look forward to it every single time, even when I’m sick, injured, or really having a bad day. 

27- What’s one pole stereotype that you wish would go away?

Aside from the obvious “OMG stripper whore” one? That we’re doing it for someone else or JUST to be sexy. There’s more to pole. People see the strip club, not the art or self expression, and that bums me out. 

28- Best reaction when you told someone that you are a pole dancer?

I don’t tell many people, but I got a “wait,where? I’ve been to all the clubs and never seen you.” from someone.  I get more curiosity than I get freakouts, which is good. 

29- Also, since its May… does your Mother [or any maternal person in your life] know that you pole dance and what does she think?

My mom knows I’ve taken pole but she doesn’t know how much I take pole. She kinda freaked out the first time I mentioned a class, so I left it alone. For someone so progressive about some things, she gets a little hung up on others. 

30- What’s your pole fantasy or dream?

Having a totally flat, pain free split. I’ve had dreams about it. 

Finish this sentence. Pole dancing is. . . freakin’ awesome!

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4 thoughts on “May Pole Blog Hop

  1. I have to address a few things.

    “the non wailing ladies genre” <— LOL

    "I do the occasional triathlon. That's about it". <– Oh really, "That's about it." ??? Yeah, in my dreams I do a triathlon.

    I like that your friends call you on it for ignoring them for a piece of metal. It is after all, a piece of metal that we all attach our own meaning to. Which makes me think, the people who think pole dancing is "bad", that's on them. They are attaching a meaning to really what is just a piece of metal.

    That whole bit about people driving you crazy and getting short tempered and being too honest. LOL. I bet a bunch of teachers wish they could hand pick their classes. That's funny.

    You used to be a chef? Really? How cool! What was your favorite thing to make?

    And the person who said they've been to all the clubs and never seen you. ROTFL! HA!

  2. Nina says:

    Have you tried the shorts from Capezio? They’re very cheap (all/most under $15), and actually have very good coverage:)

    Flat splits is a huge goal of mine too, although I haven’t even started working on it yet 😛

  3. Loved reading your responses!! Can’t wait to see you perform again, you’re awesome and have kamikaze style all your own!!

  4. […] Dancing is” and the answers were…. expression, the best thing you can do, addictive, freakin awesome, about friendship, what you make it, just another step in my wandering, what I do,  sexy and I […]

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