The Lost 2 weeks

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May 29, 2013 by kholzhauer

I haven’t written a ton lately. It’s not that I haven’t had things I want to write; I’ve just been busy with work/pole/apartment hunting/life in general. Did I mention apartment hunting? It’s taking up SO much time. Something about needing to find the place that works for 2 different people and different sets of needs makes it way more complicated than shopping for 1. Plus, I’m not real patient. I was mad that we weren’t looking harder 3 days in. I think I’ve had really good luck with apartments in the past, so I expected it to come easy this time. So far, we’ve seen a lot of weird, but we haven’t signed for a place yet. I can tell you all about the ugliest carpet on the planet though. It’s blue, fluorescent, and stained.

So what else has been keeping my ass busy? Well theoretically, I shouldn’t be that busy. Part of my problem is that I’m bad at budgeting my time.  I get in the pole stuff and I make time for cooking meals, and I try to make time for a social life. But there’s other stuff  I haven’t been making as much time for. Like ironing, for one. And Cardio.


So pole: I’m dancing in a show I feel relatively unprepared for. . . in 2 weeks. It’s time to get my shit (and by that, I mean my choreography) together. But instead, I’m trying to play with variations on tricks, and new tricks.  I’ve nailed my ayesha (elbow grip, not twisted grip) and I’m getting closer to that twisted grip ayesha. I still can’t consistently do a Superman. I’ve decided it’s my nemesis move. But I’ve crossed the allegra off my list. Still perfecting it, of course, but I can consistently do it without whimpering, which is always a plus when it comes to pole. No grunts, grimaces and whimpers. Really, that’s all I can ask for. Still, with all the pole, I haven’t been doing enough other workouts and I’m not losing the weight I want to lose. And that makes me frustrated, especially when I eat pretty healthy 5/7 of the days of the week.


above are 2 of the typical lunches from a typical weeks. Heavy on the salad, light on everything else. Pardon the food stylist worthy Styrofoam plates. It’s what we have at work, and sometimes I’d rather eat off a plate than out of the tupperware. It’s the civilized environment-killer in me.


So how pull off healthy lunches at work? Well I dedicate a solid chunk of Sundays to preparing healthy lunches and breakfasts for both the BF and I. Normally I do about 4 lunches each and count on doing dinner leftovers one day. A typical meal?  Salad, some sort of entree (this week it’s either chicken with snow peas or pork with pesto zucchini) and a little tupperware filled with fruit salad.  Breakfasts vary between green juice, yogurt and granola, and whole wheat toast with peanut butter for me. He likes smoothies. Dinners vary a ton. I like variety, and since I’m not getting a ton of it in my lunches, I end up relegated to dinnertime variety.

Alright, so we’ve ticked off food, pole dancing, and apartment hunting, which covers a good chunk of my lost weeks and brings me to Memorial Day weekend. Clearly, I’m skipping stuff. I write a blog. You don’t need to know every intimate detail of my life. It actually kind of creeps me out when bloggers and facebook friends do that. I don’t care to know when you last went to your Gynecologist or how the appointment went. Unless you’re pregnant with my child, it’s none of my damn business. Nor do I really want to know every mundane detail


of most people’s lives. Let’s put it this way: If it’s not something you’d want to share with me in person, don’t put it up on facebook. So yeah, I’m skipping stuff. Memorial day.  There was some overeating, some drinking, and, if you could guess from the photo, a Dodger game. It’s fun going to the game, especially since I didn’t care about either team. Everyone around me rooted for a team. I was just happy that they were playing the Cardinals since it inspired a St Louis BBQ hot dog that was fucking amazing. Seriously. BBQ short rib, bbq sauce, and crispy garlic on a hot dog. Amazing.

And you know what isn’t amazing? Sunburn. I monumentally failed at putting sunscreen on my body for the game. It’s not that I didn’t slather the stuff on. It’s just that I didn’t do it well.

Image Image

Clearly, I fail. And you can’t see the lone sunburnt arm in either of these pictures. Which begs the question: How do I make it go away quickly? Because holy fuckballs, it hurts. And it’s ugly.  I’m normally really good about sunscreen, so spare me the lecture. I’m the queen of SPF 50, largely because I’m whiter than Casper the friendly ghost. I just wasn’t paying attention on Sunday. And now I’m owning it, as a public service or something. Because you know what, some sunscreen just isn’t good enough. You’ll end up looking weird.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in the last 2 weeks, I drank champagne out of a mini-bottle with a straw. And I made meatball subs. Turkey meatballs, but still good.

Image Image

so why do the meatballs look more like patties that meatballs? I flattened those bitches. It keeps them from rolling on off the bread.

I solemnly swear that at some point, when I feel like it, I’ll write a post of real substance, or at least another angry rant. I’ve just been busy. And now I see why people with really huge blogs seem to dedicate their whole lives to blogging. I still don’t see how they make a living at it, but if you’ve got any tips. . . .


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