Dressing myself . . . An update

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October 1, 2013 by kholzhauer

yes, I’m a big kid now. I dress myself. Except I work at an incredibly casual (one step above yoga pants) office, and try as I might, I can’t quite seem to dress like an adult. It’s something I want to change, and something I’ve been gradually working on, but the more comfortable I get at work, the less I wear skirts and close toed shoes and the more I wear jeans and flip flops.  Here’s a typical week’s worth of outfits.

Monday: Typically roll out of bed, don’t care much, dress in the dark. Those target boatneck shirts look way better on me than on polyvore, and they’re actually decent quality for target.


Tuesday: Again, not much trying. Ribbed tank under (sometimes) buttoned oxford with flip flops. None, except the jeans, are exact matches (though I do have that ON tank.)


Wednesday. Try to break things up a little and wear a skirt. Of course, at this point of the week, I haven’t shaved my legs in like 4 days (sensitive skin and a very tolerant boyfriend) so I opt for long skirts, which I try to “style” without looking too fundamentalist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just not me.


Thursday (Relief is in sight!) Not that I’m dressing nicer. In fact, at this point in the week, I’m probably wearing the pair of jeans with the tiny hole in the knee.  Like I said, I need to start dressing better at work.


Friday – At least by this point in the week, I’ve gotten my act together enough to shave my legs, so half the time I wear jeans, but half the time I pull off some skirt or dress. I’m sure that’ll change as it cools off, but normally Friday isn’t a day where I’m running around in the warehouse as well as the office at work, so I can pull off a shorter skirt. Less ladders and shit. I don’t actually own this dress, but similar colors/styles.

Clearly, my work style needs some serious updating. I’ve heard the “dress for the job you wish you had.” thing, which would work, except that I work at a tiny company where I’m already dressing as nice (if not nicer) than most people there.  How do I class it up/adult it up/dress for the job I want (which isn’t the current job) without it not working at my office? Do I start accessorizing? Stop wearing sandals? What? Also, How do I do it without taking more than 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning?

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