Finding a Rhythm.

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October 14, 2013 by kholzhauer

After Months of chaos (literally every weekend booked since we moved, coupled with a

Photobooth shots from various fun events!

Photobooth shots from various fun events!

job I’m struggling to accept) we’re finally having a few weeks of relative calm. Like a day, here and there, where we don’t have to do anything. Today was one of those days. No absolute obligations. A leisurely trip through the Rose Bowl Flea Market, looking at everything and buying nothing. Late brunch at a new (to us) place.  Grocery shopping, and an evening of both of us, in our own part of the apartment, doing our own thing. It’s a welcome relief.

I’m trying to find a rhythm with my life. With the boy. With the job. With balancing pole, work, writing, planning my future, household chores, healthy eating (dude, it’s time consuming.) etc.  I finally, after months of living in flux (the depressive down swing sure didn’t help) am starting to feel  a rhythm.  I have a relatively clean house, healthy food in the fridge, and time to write the occasional blog post.  I still need to structure my time more effectively, be more productive, but I think now that I’m caught up on Sons of Anarchy, I’ll have a little more time to do what’s good for me.

Healthy food on the counter

Healthy food on the counter

Healthy food in the fridge

Healthy food in the fridge

So what’s good for me? More cardio, for one. I’ve gotta start running and swimming

Laundry folded (but not put away)

Laundry folded (but not put away)

more. It’s kinda fallen off.   More writing, and more focused writing. Not my mindless ramblings on here, but serious writing. I’m good at it, but I can’t always seem find time to focus, get down to business and write. More household chores in a timely way. Start to finish. Decorating the rest of this massive place.  Figuring out where I want to be, career-wise and how to get there. Now that I’ve figured out what my basic life rhythm is, it should be easier to fit everything in, but SHOULD is a big word, since every time things go smoothly, something busy and weird gets in the way. It’s not just my bad luck, it’s life, but it’s damn frustrating. Right now, I don’t know if the best way is to write out a schedule, a to do list, or to just let things develop organically. I’m overwhelmed in my need to get things done, which isn’t a bad thing, but is definitely an interesting place to be.


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